I currently have three desks, all of which are hopelessly cluttered.

The first desk is my work desk. It sits in a 6-story office building in West Omaha where I work as a Senior Account Executive for a large internet company headquartered in Silicon Valley. On this desk sits half-finished proposals,  training manuals, RFP’s, advertising analyses, and various notepads filled with to-do lists, prospecting notes, and random thoughts that come to my mind throughout my workday.

My second desk is at my Church. I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) since birth.  As of February of 2012, I have been the Bishop (Pastor) of our local congregation called a ward (in this case, the Glenwood Ward).  I sit at this desk every Sunday morning and usually one evening a week. On this desk sits various notepads filled with random thoughts about a message I might share, an issue that needs to be resolved, to-do lists, reminders, and other random thoughts and observations.

My third desk sits the bedroom I share with my wonderful wife in our home in Glenwood, IA where we have lived since October of 2005 with our four kids. Upon this desk you would things from my work, things from my church, kids’ artwork and writings, bills, and even more random and often unfinished thoughts.

While this blog won’t help me de-clutter my desks, my hope is that it will help to de-clutter my mind. I hope to share thoughts and observations from my perspective as a middle-aged father of four trying to provide for his family while also leading and serving a small congregation of church-goers in the Midwest.

Here goes nothing.


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